Unlike any normal garage- Cars for Cuba embodies a labour of love.

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Cuba is the largest Caribbean island and it is located in a most amazing environment, where nature shares its beauty and bounty in the most wonderful ways. Beautifully situated it is surrounded by Florida, the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, Haiti, Mexico and Jamaica, and by the water of the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.

The famous Cuban revolution led by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara was followed by its nearest neighbor imposing sanctions that lasted a full 55 years. Since then, time seems to have stopped to outside observers. Cuba still looks and feels the same in many ways as five decades ago. Only here you can live the past times when life and time seemed to move at a slower pace.

Classic American cars cruise through Havana and Cuba and have become emblematic of the feel and originality that is Cuba. Do not forget also that this is the place of the best cigars in the world, as well as being a place of dance, cocktails, music, authentic Cuban rum and sports. It is the mixture of many cultures – Spanish and African, and the joyous, educated and fun loving Cuban people which combine to make this place so special!


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“Cars For Cuba brought my car back today. It looks like it did on the showroom floor in 1973! Very reasonable $$$ too! Great job.”



Future – Cars To Cuba

As the US blockade of Cuba softens, the options for Cuba’s future are in the hands of the Cuban people. One direction would be an all out embrace of redevelopment and a future of glass skyscraper, Starbucks and BMWs. Little Miami anyone? An alternative route will be to hold on to, and build upon, the items that make Cuba a stand out and iconic one of a kind destination.

As a foundation the Cuban people with their joy de vivre and welcoming & generous spirit are a bedrock. Maintaining the existing architecture and streetscapes while improving building systems and interiors with strong historical guidance will go a long way towards moving to the future with a strong eye on the past. The iconic extras in Cuba’s favor dating back before and associated with the revolution include Rum, hand rolled cigars and classic cars rolling the streets of Havana.

The most endangered of these are likely to be the cars. The easiest route to go would be to allow time and cheap imports to replace the cars in quick order. If instead the cars were to be viewed as a national treasure and maintained for posterity they could be a lynchpin and visible reminder both of the past and what makes Cuba so special.

It may seem to go against the grain to be relying on gas guzzling cars while the rest of the world is embracing new mileage standards (or large SUVs and trucks to take the kids to school) however Cuba has always been know to take her own path. If the stock of cars could be added to and spare parts were to be available combined with a move towards converting the cars to electric motors then surely that could be the best of all worlds.

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The Cars Of Cuba

WELCOME TO RETRO HEAVEN – CLASSIC AUTOMOBILES OF CUBA AS A HERITAGE If you ever wanted to have chill inducing, iconic experience of driving, watching and enjoying retro cars there is no place like Cuba. Cuba is a real car museum of vintage cars and the only place on the earth where old-timers are not a hobby but a lifestyle.

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The Architecture Of Cuba

Cuban architecture is distinctive and characteristic, as history of this amazing country itself. Colorful landscapes and strong contrasts reflect not only through visual impression, but cultural, social and political history. The architecture of Cuba is the same as its past – imaginative, unusual, different and specific.

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The People Of Cuba

One of the most famous historical figures associated with, and inspired by Cuba was certainly Ernest Hemingway. Although one of the characters of his novel "The Sun Also Rises" says: "You cannot escape from yourself by constantly moving from one place to another,"

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Unlike any normal garage- Cars for Cuba embodies a labour of love.

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